How Many Skincare Products Do I Need?

Getting into skincare can be very overwhelming, given the amount of information that is out there! Knowing how many skincare products you should use can be a daunting task, considering how many there are on the market! But, taking care of your skin is easier than you might think. There are only FOUR (some might even argue THREE) steps that form the basis of a good skincare routine.


The cleansing step is not only important for removing makeup, but it is also very important in removing excess oil, dirt and bacteria. As we go throughout our day, our skin is exposed to various elements such as dust, pollutants and bacteria. In addition, our sebaceous glands also keeps working throughout the day and produces oil to keep our skin supple and healthy (even if you have dry skin). If we don’t cleanse our skin at the end of the day, the bacteria and oil will remain on our skin and throw themselves a party in our pores. Thus, cleansing helps prevent clogged pores, acne and dull looking skin.
Cleanser comes in various forms such as gels or foams, and you should opt for a gentle cleanser that is not going to strip your skin of all of its natural oils. The goal of cleansing is not to completely get rid of all the oil in your skin, but only to get rid of excess oil and bacteria. Our skin always needs some of its natural oils to function optimally.


Some might argue that this step is optional, but we do believe that toner plays a vital role in the skincare routine. Our skin is at its happiest when it is at its natural ph level. Our skin is naturally acidic, sitting at around 5 on the ph-scale. However, during the cleansing step our skin’s natural ph level is disrupted (especially when using a cleanser that strips away all of the skin’s natural oils). The skin then becomes more alkaline, which can lead to skin irritations, acne and dryness. A toner acts to bring down the skin ph-levels to be more acidic.

However, if you are using a gentle cleanser during the cleansing step that is not stripping the skin of its natural oils, then you are probably not disrupting your skin’s ph-levels too much. But, toner plays another vital role: hydration. Hydrated skin = happy skin. Throughout the day our skin naturally loses water, so it is important to replenish and rehydrate the skin. Gentle and hydrating toners that are free of alcohol and astringents will do just that.


Moisturizers acts as a barrier on the skin to prevent water from evaporating from the skin. Moisturizers contain oils and nourishing ingredients that helps lock in hydration and nourish the skin. Our skin needs oil in order to function properly. If our skin is not adequately moisturized, our sebaceous glands will either go into overdrive and create excess oil on the skin, or, the skin will become very dry and irritated. Thus, moisturizing the skin is key to fighting breakouts, dryness, irritation, wrinkles and dull looking skin.


Sun exposure, although healthy and necessary, does cause cell damage on the skin – even if you stay indoors most of the day. Sunscreen helps protect our skin against UV rays which causes the breakdown of collagen within the skin. The breakdown of collagen in the skin leads to fine lines and wrinkles. UV rays also creates discoloration in the skin. Therefore, sunscreen plays a vital role in maintaining the appearance of the skin and protecting the skin against sun damage.

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