Why K-Beauty?

Why K-Beauty?

why k beauty

As Korean Beauty (aka K-Beauty) is gaining popularity all over the world, what exactly is it and why is it so popular? We set out everything you need to know down below!


What is k-beauty

K-Beauty (or Korean Beauty/Skincare) is a category of beauty products which include skincare, makeup and other forms of cosmetics. It refers to beauty products created in Korea or products produced with Korean beauty philosophy  or style.  


Why is k-beauty so popular

K-Beauty gained its popularity through the famous 10-step skincare routine. K-Beauty also rose to popularity because it promotes dewy, glowing skin and enhancing natural beauty. Korean skincare is focused on layering hydration and clarifying the skin – which allows the skin to get that “glass” skin effect.


Korean skincare is at the forefront of innovative formulas and using unique and effective ingredients. Korean skincare is very ingredient based and tends to have a minimal ingredient list. Popular ingredients in Korean skincare is centella asiatica, snail mucin, niacinamide, green tea, mugwort and galactomyces. Korean skincare manufacturers are known for creating the best skincare formulations and being one-step ahead of the skincare industry.


Korean skincare is also focused on PREVENTION rather than treating skin issues (a philosophy we can definitely support).


K-Beauty is the future of skincare and cosmetics!


Why is Korean skincare so cheap

Korean skincare might be cheap in price – but definitely not cheap in quality! In South Korea it is part of their culture to take care of their skin, thus skincare isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Looking your best is very important in their culture! Therefore, skincare products are in high demand in South Korea, thus skincare companies are very competitive and keep their prices low. You’d be surprised how affordable skincare products are to make and what a huge markup high-end and luxury skincare brands put on their products!


Where to buy K-beauty

We recommend buying from local Korean skincare resellers, because you will typically find that it will work out cheaper for you than directly importing it yourself. K-beauty resellers typically only sell the best k-beauty products, so you’ll know you’re buying a well-loved product. And, you’d be supporting a local business at the same time!

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